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My Weather Router is a dedicated service in providing detailed weather 

forecasting to racing, delivering or cruising yachts all over the world. 


Forecasts emailed direct to the boat once a day. Each forecast will contain a synopsis for the

following 24hrs and a summary of how to navigate approaching weather events.


We aim to offer the clearest interpretation about the weather around you, allowing faster 

decisions in a shorter time, giving time for the skipper or navigator to spend on other roles onboard.

Doctor Onboard

Following the philosophy of My Weather Router that while at sea Safety and Communication are paramount, we are able to further our services by offering medical advice onboard from our qualified doctor and expanding the safety of the yacht. Our clients can contact a consultant either at sea or before departure and receive the necessary advice on a developing situation or for any general enquiry.

Please read our services section to understand what we offer and how each service works.

Email us at: or on whats app: 0034 606359963

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