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If you would like us to be your eyes in the sky, we do come with a cost.

Pricing is based on two parts - BEFORE and AFTER departure.

Before Departure

 We monitor the weather for up to three days before the planned departure date. We look for            the best departure window and give an overview of the first few days at sea, so crew can be briefed about expected weather and sea conditions for the following 72 hours from leaving port. On the evening before departure we send a detailed breakdown of the first few days at sea and recommended waypoints to head for.

After Departure

We send one email per day, offering the latest forecast for your area and the outlook for the next 24 hours. If more one than one email needs to be sent in a day due to a change in a forecast then there is no further charge, we prefer you receive infomration when we do as apposed to waiting for the next report to be sent.

We have experience in working with SSB, iridium, sailmail, predictwind and inreach trackers and when it is the only option we can supply basic forecasts to the Garmin Inreach message service. However due to the level of detail we try to provide we much prefer being able to write an email and build a picture of the weather rather than only sending bullet point updates or basic waypoints to head to.


Before Departure:  

€50 EUR in total, for monitoring weather up to 3 days before departure. Producing detailed forecast on the evening before departure with medium term forecast and waypoint routes to follow.

After Departure:

25€ EUR per day for each day you are on passage. Each email contains waypoints to head for and expected weather over the following 24hrs and where necessary and extended synopsis or future weather events that will effect the voyage, such as a new low forming or a front that will pass over you.

At the end of the crossing you will be invoiced for the total amount of days spent at sea + the intial 50€ for the pre departure forecast.

Click HERE to open an example of a typical weather forecast you would receive while on passage. If you would like to see more examples then of course please ask.

Forecasts will always include wind speed and direction, wave height and direction, precipitation, cloud cover and surface current where the information is available or relevant and (when suitable). Waypoints will be suggested as to where to head for for the following 24hrs or further.

Knowing your position at sea is vital for us to deliver the reports you need. Emailing or texting your position at least twice per day is enough for us to work with. Let us know if you are sailing with a GPS tracker linking to a website for accurate forecasting.

Doctor Onboard: 

150€ for each separate medical case filed. The doctor aims to respond within 12 hours of receiving medical enquiries. To help with initial consulation the doctor needs to have a detailed description of the situation: This includes medication on board, medical history of the patient, any known alergies and any medication the patient is currently taking. For our consultant it is crucial to write with as much information as can be provided and where possible to send photos.

All prices are in Euros (€)

Payment is made by Paypal within 7 days of your arrival at your final port.

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